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Terms and Conditions

By connecting to the CorsiaCraft server, using the services provided by CorsiaCraft (website services, wiki, voice server, or official social media pages/profiles), and/or by directly engaging with its community you agree to the following terms and conditions...

CorsiaCraft has an array of rules which are updated from time to time; it is the responsibility of the player to keep up to date with rule changes. If any rule is violated by a player, we reserve the right to act in any manner we deem suitable to ensure the experience of others, or staff, is not hindered when using the various CorsiaCraft services.

CorsiaCraft and its staff also reserve the right to remove privileges, be they purchased privileges, or gained through application processes, at any given time.

CorsiaCraft and its staff's primary purpose is to provide a roleplay atmosphere and it is not our responsibility to monitor player interaction constantly. We also cannot ensure that our staff will act in an appropriate manner at any given time as they too are categorised as players. The staff team however is equipped to deal with a majority of issues that players may face when interacting with other players while using the CorsiaCraft services. We also provide contact and temporary solution services to assist those who may experience hostile, inappropriate, and/or generally anti-social player interaction while on the server. We expect these services to be used by players when staff members are not available or to assist with the aftermath of a negative player interaction so the staff may review and manage the accused players accordingly.

     Some of our support services include:

  • The /ignore command to stop receiving messages from another player
  • The /mail command for contacting offline players
  • Support tickets available through the CorsiaCraft website
  • In website messaging system
  • Some skype contact information (text based messages only please)

Overall we expect players to understand that our server, although we strive to make it an enjoyable experience, is not a safeguarded environment and situations can arise where a user may feel uncomfortable while using the CorsiaCraft services. Players must therefore take initiative when using our services, if faced with an uncomfortable or inappropriate situation, utilise all the services at your disposal including your disconnect button. We also recommend if you are a player who may experience distress in such situations, that you only connect to our services when a staff member is present.

We cannot enforce an age limit given the limitations we have to verify ages accordingly, nor do we have a rating scheme as this is an internationally available server. We do however strongly recommend the players to be at an age of 15 or older due to some graphic details players may describe in text while roleplaying.

We do not allow sexually explicit content whatsoever due to this state of age obscurity, however as stated previously, we may not be able to monitor this in many situations. Please do not participate in sexual interactions while on our services and utilise our services/contact staff if you encounter this behaviour.

Please enjoy CorsiaCraft's services but be respectful of those around you including the very people who provide these services.

Thank you.

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