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Official news and announcements.
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By Greyson StaffStaff Nov 17, 17
Discussion about general topics.
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By *Blank* Member Jun 21, 18
Help, Tutorials and Beginner Guides
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By Moribundity Staff Aug 31, 17
For all those strange and wonderful stories you've been wanting to make up that we can't necessarily add into our lore. Go crazy but try not to scar people for life :). For all incidences of evil, bittabobittoba shall be blamed.
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By Azuralan Member Mar 11, 17
Here's a little section of the forum dedicated to the artwork our players make for their characters and everything corsia craft. Please remember that not all the art in this section is lore compliant :)
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By Malk Member Feb 27, 18
Lore Guide
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Documents relating to the landmass of Corsia.
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By Micsma Admin Feb 11, 16
Discussion of the various races of the Corsian Universe.
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By Inktvis Admin May 2, 15
Reports on the social class systems and allegiances in the Corsian Region.
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By Micsma Admin Feb 18, 16
Technical documents and related works describing the state of Corsian technology.
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By Inktvis Admin Jan 13, 15
Books about the major organisations and companies in the Corsian region
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By Kribbitz Admin Dec 23, 15
Documents discussing the history of Corsia
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By Inktvis Admin Jan 1, 15
Corsian Empire [In Character]
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Every week a new issue will be raised by the lower council for voting, the outcome of this vote will affect the state of the Empire and the universe in general.
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By Greyson StaffStaff Jul 6, 17
All official notices of the Corsian Empire are posted here.
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By Kribbitz Admin Feb 8, 16
General discussions from Corsia or the Frontier
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By DigiDinoGamer Staff Jun 13, 17
Capital Tribune Newspaper Articles
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By Moribundity Staff Jun 22, 18
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Character ideas and examples, feel free to use these ideas as a template - first in best dressed scenario for some
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By Sigma Staff Sep 13, 18
RP Community (You must be 'Approved' to post here)
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Roleplay related advice and ideas
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By Kribbitz Admin Sep 2, 18
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